Posterno Documentation

Getting started


Learn how to download and install Posterno onto your WordPress website.

7 articles

FAQ & Tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions. Looking for something? Start here.

26 articles


Having issues with Posterno? Here are your answers to your problems.

11 articles


Learn how to customize and configure Posterno through it's options panel.

6 articles

Required pages

All you need to know about the pages required by Posterno.

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Listings management

Learn how to fine-tune and manage listings within your site.

21 articles

Maps configuration

Learn how to setup maps and display maps across your website.

8 articles

Members management

Everything you need to know about managing your members and registrations

3 articles

Custom fields

Learn how to customize fields for listings, profiles and registration form.

10 articles

Email notifications

Explore and configure all the email notifications available through Posterno.

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Shortcodes & Widgets

Everything you need to know about the shortcodes and widgets in Posterno.

17 articles

Displaying listings

Explore how to display listings on the frontend of your website.

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Schema integration

Learn how to setup structured data ( rich snippets ) schema integration.

5 articles

Import & Export

Learn how to import & export content in Posterno through CSV files.

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Third party integrations

All you need to know about the third party plugins integrations built into Posterno.

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Search Forms

Learn how to setup faceted search forms for your listings.

23 articles

WC Paid Listings

Learn how to setup paid and/or recurring packages for listings.

10 articles

Claim listings

All you need to know about setting up and working with the claim listings extension

11 articles

Google Analytics

Learn how to display Google Analytics stats in your members dashboard.

4 articles

Google reCAPTCHA

Learn how to install Google reCAPTCHA onto your WordPress website.

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Advanced & Developers

Advanced tutorials

Explore advanced tutorials & customizations achievable with Posterno.

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Learn how to customize all the templates provided by Posterno to suit your needs.

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All you need to know about the geocoding functionalities built into Posterno.

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