Profiles settings

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to "Settings -> Posterno -> Profiles" to access the public facing profiles settings.

Public profiles visibility

Posterno gives you the ability to restrict access to the public members profiles if needed. By default the plugin makes profiles visible to both guests and logged in members.
If you wish to prevent guests from viewing members profiles, disable the option "Allow guests to view profiles".
If you wish to prevent members from viewing other members profiles, disable the option " Allow members to view profiles" together with "Allow guests to view profiles".

Custom avatars

Your members can upload custom avatars through their account customization form. You can enable or disable this feature by toggling the setting "Custom avatars".

Public profiles permalink

You can decide the structure of the urls for your members profiles. You can choose to display their user ID number of their username. Adjust your preference by selecting one option within the "Profiles permalink base" setting.