Listings expiry

Expiration settings:

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to "Settings -> Posterno -> Listings" to access the listings related settings.

Listings will display for a set number of days, then expire. If you don't want listings to have an expiration date leave the "Listings duration" setting blank.

When expiration is enabled, an expiry date is automatically generated and assigned to all new listings when they are first created.

It's also possible to automatically clean up your database of expired listings by enabling the "Automatically delete expired listings older than 30 days" option. If disabled, expired listings will still be into your database but just not visible on the frontend.

Manually marking listings as expired:

Administrators can manually mark listings as expired by pressing the "Set as expired" button within the listing edit panel in your admin dashboard.

Change listing expiration date from the admin panel:

Administrators can manually change the expiration date of listings from the admin panel. To change the date, navigate to "Listings" in your dashboard and locate the "Expiry" metabox. Click on the text field to display a date picker. 

Delete the date if you wish to disable expiration for the listing.