Listings categories

The categories section is where you can create/edit/delete categories for your business directory. It functions very much like the standard WordPress categories and help you organize your listings conveniently for users to browse desired areas of interest.

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How to create listings categories

In your WordPress dashboard navigate to "Listings -> Categories".

Associate tags to categories:

Listings tags can be associated to categories. When tags are associated, the listing submission form on the frontend of your website will display only the tags associated with the selected categories.

Note: tags must be associated to top level categories only. They cannot be added to child categories.

Adding categories as an administrator:

Administrators can assign or change the categories set to a listing by locating the "Listing categories" metabox while editing a listing.

Add icons to categories

Category icons by default are displayed within map markers when enabled and into the listings categories list shortcode. To add an icon to a category, you need to enter the css class names into the "Custom icon css class" setting. Posterno uses Font Awesome by default, for all of it's icons. So in order to use an icon from FA, visit the website and search for the icon you wish to use.

Once you've found the icon, copy the class names "fab fa-wordpress" into the category icon setting.