Listings edits

Published listings can be updated by their authors at any time if enabled.

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to "Settings -> Posterno -> Listings -> Management" to access all the moderation and edits settings.

Enable/Moderate edits of published listings

To enable editing of published listings, activate the option "Listings can be edited". When the option is enabled, the listing's author can see the "edit action" within their dashboard.

To enable moderation of listings edits, locate the setting "Allow published edits" and select the option "Users can edit, but edits require admin approval". When moderation is required, the original listing will be unpublished while edits await admin approval.

Allow changes while a listing is pending approval

While a listing is waiting for admin approval, it's possible to let the author still make changes to it. To enable this feature, locate and enable the option "Allow pending edits".

Redirect the user after changes have been submitted

Members can be redirected to a custom page after they've submitted changes to an existing listing. To enable the feature, locate the setting "Redirect after successful editing" and select the page where you wish to redirect your users.