Business hours setup

Displaying opening hours on your website for listings can help customers make an appointment or plan their visit accordingly.

Navigate to "Settings -> Posterno -> Listings -> Business hours" in your admin dashboard to access all the settings related to the business hours. 

Business hours can be displayed within the listing single page by adding the "[Posterno] Listing business hours" widget to a sidebar.

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Setting up business hours as an administrator:

Administrators can manually change the business hours of all listings from the admin panel. To setup business hours, edit/create a listing and click on the "Business hours" tab within the "Listing settings" tab.

You will be presented with a list of each day of the week and the ability to set one or more timings.

Types of operation:

Each day can have different types of operations. Default operations are:

  • Enter hours
  • Open all day
  • Closed all day
  • Appointment only

To disable hours for a specific day, select any option other than "Enter hours".

Primary business hours:

Each day has a primary opening and closing time. These are the first 2 text inputs you see within each day's section.

To set a time for the opening and closing slots, click the "Select time" button or click onto the text input field and a time picker will appear allowing you to select the time.

Adding additional timings:

A listing can operate at multiple times during the day and so Posterno provides the ability to set an unlimited amount of opening hours. To add additional timings, locate the "Additional timings" section within a day, and click the "Add" button.

Configuring business hours from the frontend submission form:

Your members can configure business hours for their listings when creating or editing a listing from the frontend. To do so, they'll use the "Hours of operation" field as displayed below: