Setting up the registration form

Registration forms are an essential part of Posterno and allow people to sign up to your site and become members. 

To display the registration form onto your website, make sure you've created and set up the required page.

Registration form settings

All settings related to the registration form can be found under the account settings page of the options panel. This is where you should start in order to configure the main settings of the form.

Default user role for registrations

All users that register through the Posterno's registration form, will automatically have a user role assigned. The role assigned is the one set globally by your site's settings. To change the role assigned, select the role you wish to assign from the "New user default role" setting in your site's settings screen.

Let user select a role from the registration form

If you wish to let user's select their role through the registration form, please refer to the documentation here.

Customize the registration form fields

An unlimited numbers of fields can be added to the registration form, please refer to the custom fields documentation here for more information.