Registration form custom fields

The integrated registration form editor, allows you to add an unlimited number of fields to the signup form allowing you to collect user's information during signup. Not all fields can be added to the registration form, and specific fields (e.g email) will always need to be displayed.

To access the profiles custom fields editor, navigate to "Users -> Registration form" in your WordPress admin panel.

Add new registration fields

In order to add custom fields to the registration form, you first need to create a profile field. Custom registration fields must be associated to profile fields.

To add a new registration field, click on the "Add new field" button and a popup will display asking you to enter a name for the new field and select the profile field to which the registration field is going to be mapped to.

Once you've created the new signup field, you'll be redirected to page where you can customize all the details of the field. Registration fields will use the same field type as the profile field associated to it.

That's it.