Listings custom fields

The listings custom fields editor allows you to collect any type of data about your listings.

To access the profiles custom fields editor, navigate to "Listings -> custom fields" in your WordPress admin panel.

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Where do listings fields display:

Listings fields will display on:
  1. The listings submission form on the frontend.
  2. The listings editing form on the frontend.
  3. The listings post type in the admin panel.
  4. The listings details widget can display additional fields that you can choose.

Create new fields:

To create new fields, click on the "Add new field" button and a popup will display asking you to enter a field name and to choose the type of field. Once you've picked a name and selected the field type, press the "Add new field" button within the popup window.

When the field has been created, you'll be redirected to the customization page of your new field. From this page you'll have access to all the settings available for the selected field type.

Admin only fields

If you wish to hide some of the fields from the listing submission and editing forms, click on the "Edit" button, then click on the "Permissions" tab and enable the option "Admin only".

Admin only fields will not be customizable from the listing submission and editing forms.

Marking fields as required

You might want to set some fields as required. When fields are marked as required, the user will have to fill those fields before being able to save the changes to the listing.
To set a field as required, click on the "Edit" button of a field, from within the list of fields, and then click on the "Validation" tab and enable the "Set as required" option.