Introduction to the email notifications editor

Posterno comes with a handy emails editor that allows you to customize the content of each email sent by Posterno. To access the editor, in your WordPress dashboard menu, click on "Emails".

Upon installation of Posterno, default emails are automatically configured.

The layout of the message is created using the standard a rich text editor. In addition to whatever text you'd like to write, you have access to merge tags. They look like this:  {sitename} and they render bits of information about the website, the user or the listing. A full list of all available merge tags is visible within the email's editor.

Email situations

Posterno uses "situations" to trigger emails at the correct moment. An example situation included in Posterno is the "Recipient has registered for an account" situation. Which triggers right after the user has successfully registered an account on your website. This would be your typical "welcome email" or "registration confirmation" email.

Admin notifications

All situations provide support for administrator's notification. To notify the site's administrator you need to create an email by enabling the option displayed in the screenshot below:

Once enabled, additional options will be visible from where you can compose the email that is sent to the administrator. 

Note: the site's administrator email, is the email that is set into your site's settings under "Settings -> General -> Email address".