How to make expired listings visible

In Posterno, listings will display an error "404 not found" page if a visitor tries to view the listing page of an expired listing. When a "404" error is displayed, this tells search engines to not rank that page anymore. Depending on your preferences, you might want to keep expired listings visible that they can still be ranked and found by search engines. 

To make expired listings visible, navigate to "Settings -> Posterno -> Listings" and locate and enable the "Make expired listings visible" setting and then save your changes. Expired listings are now visible.

When a listing is expired and "public", a message will be displayed on the page telling the user that the listing is no longer available. Additionally, if your theme provides a sidebar you can also choose to hide all the widgets of that sidebar. To enable this feature, locate the setting "Single listing page sidebar" right below the "Make expired listings visible" option and select the sidebar you wish to hide.