Creating listings schema

Posterno provides the ability to create schema markup for the single listing page. Through Posterno you can create markup that is loaded globally ( all single listings pages ) or for specific listing types only.

To access the schema editor, login into your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to "Listings → Schema".

Add new schema

To add a new schema, click on the "Add new schema" button, you'll be presented with a new window where you can configure some initial settings of your new schema.

Where to apply the schema:

The setting determines on which pages the schema markup appears. A global schema appears on all single listing pages, when you select the "Specific listing type(s)" option, you'll be able to select on which listing types the schema appears through a new setting only visible when the option is selected. 

Examples: if a listing has a type of "Event", you can create a schema markup that appears on all single listing pages that have the "Event" type assigned. 

Start with an example schema:

The "select schema" option allows you to create a new schema from an example. All examples have been taken from the documentation provided by Google. The list of integrated examples includes the following schema examples:

If you do not wish to use an example, just leave the option blank.

Once you're done configuring your schema, press the "Add new schema" button at the bottom of the interface, to create the new schema. After the schema is created, you'll be redirected to the editing window.