Importing & modifying json structure

The following guide will teach you how to use the schema editor in Posterno to modify the json structure. This is particularly useful when you wish to use a completely custom structure that is not available through the examples or maybe even when you wish to add new properties to an existing schema.

To access the schema editor, login into your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to "Listings → Schema". Create or edit a schema and then click on the "Tree" option button and select "Code".

Once you've selected the "Code" option, the editor will switch into coding mode and you'll be allowed to customize the code of the structure freely. 

The website provides examples of many different schema, as an example, we're going to create an "Hotel" schema. Search for the hotel schema on and you'll find many examples at the bottom of the page here click on the "json-ld" tab to be presented with the example code and then copy and paste the code within the Posterno editor.

Once you've pasted the code into the editor, you can switch back to the "Tree" mode so you can easily add custom fields to each property that you need.