Map markers customization

To customize the layout of the maps markers, login into your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to "Settings → Posterno Listings Maps" and locate the "Marker Type" setting. From there, you can choose different types of markers styles.

Category icon marker:

The category icon marker, displays the icon you have chosen for categories assigned to a listing. If multiple categories are assigned to a listing, the icon displayed is the one from whichever is the first category assigned to the listing.

To add icons to categories please refer to this documentation article.

Image marker:

The image marker displays an image that belongs to each listing. You can select any custom "file" field you have created for listings. By default you'll be able to select "featured image" and "gallery images".

When you select a field that allows multiple files to be uploaded, the image displayed onto the marker is the first one that is found.

Custom field marker:

The custom field marker, allows you to display any kind of text content within the marker. Eg: if you have a field that displays a price, you could display the price within the marker. Once the marker type is enabled, you'll be able to select from which field you wish to get the content from.