Data importer & Exporter

Posterno has a built-in CSV data importer & exporter that allows you to import, export or update hundreds or thousands of listings/taxonomies/fields/etc.. in your directory with a single CSV.

Create your CSV

Please refer to the guidelines here.

Access importers & exporters

Posterno provides quite a few different importers & exporters, they can all be accessed by the visiting the "Posterno tools" page in your admin panel. To access the tools page, login with your admin account onto your site, and navigate to "Tools -> Posterno tools". You'll see an "Import" and "Export" tabs on that page from which you'll have access to all the imports and exporters.

Clicking the "Export" or "Import" link next to each tool, will redirect you to the appropriate exporter or importer page that you have chosen. 

Additionally, links to the related import & export tools are available within the header section of the admin panel. An example can be seen below here.

Exporting data

When exporting Posterno's data to a CSV file, the exporter might ask you questions that allow you to customize the content of the CSV file. As an example, the screenshot below displays the settings available when exporting listings.

Once you've customized the settings, click the "Generate CSV" button to start the export. A progress bar will display the status of the export.

Please note: the speed of the export and import depends on your hosts resources and how much data you're exporting.

Importing data

When importing data in Posterno, the importer will ask you to map the data available into your csv file to the data that's required/available in Posterno. If you're using a CSV file generated by a Posterno exporter, the majority of the fields will be automatically mapped. If you're using a custom CSV file, you'll have to map the fields yourself. 

Please note: the preview of the data within the CSV file does not always match the final result. Don't worry if you see "weird" characters or formatting. The importer will know what to do with that data and automatically format it if necessary.