CSV Guidelines

To import new data or update existing data, you need a CSV containing your information. The best way to have a CSV file compatible with Posterno, is to use the built-in exporters to generate a CSV file that you can use as a template.

Note: if you wish to use a custom CSV file, Posterno allows you to map content from your CSV file as long as the CSV file is properly configured, see below here.


  • CSVs should be in UTF-8 format.
  • Use 1 or 0 in your CSV, if importing a Boolean value (true or false)
  • Multiple values in a field get separated with commas.
  • Wrapping values in quotes allows you to insert a comma.
  • Taxonomy term hierarchy is denoted with >, terms are separated with commas.


  • Images need to be pre-uploaded or available online to import to your directory.
  • External URLs are supported and imported into the Media Library if used.
  • You can define the filename if the image already exists in the Media Library.