CSV FAQ / Troubleshooting

What CSV editors do you recommend?

We recommend using:

If possible, avoid Microsoft Excel due to formatting and character encoding issues.

What is the best way to create a CSV? 

Use the built-in exporters to create a CSV file that is automatically compatible and mapped with Posterno.

Do I need to import images to the media library, or can they be external? 

  • Images need to be pre-uploaded or available online to import to your directory.
  • External URLs are supported and imported into the Media Library if used.
  • You can define the filename if the image already exists in the Media Library.

Why am I getting the message “Allowed memory size of xxx bytes exhausted”? 

Your server may not have enough memory to perform the import. You need to increase the memory limit. If you cannot do it yourself, there may something on the server that restricts it. Contact your hosting provider, and ask them to increase the limit.

Why does my import keep timing out?

The plugin uses set_time_limit to prevent timeouts, but this is not supported by all hosting environments. Check with your hosting company to see if they support it.

If you can’t increase your execution time, you can break your CSVs into multiple parts for import.

How can I import special characters such as ä and Ö?

These characters are fine to import if your CSV uses valid UTF-8 encoding. Excel is notoriously bad at exporting these characters in the correct format. If you do need to import products containing these characters, we recommend using:

These programs have better character encoding support when exporting a CSV.

Who will be the author of the listings after the import?

If you provide a user id, username or email address, Posterno will try find the user in your database matching one of those 3 data items. If a user is found, Posterno will assign the listing to that user. If no user is found, Posterno will assign the listing to the user currently executing the import.

I don't have an address for my listings, can I use coordinates to automatically get an address?

If your CSV file does not provide an address for a listing, Posterno will automatically Geolocate the address using the provided coordinates from your CSV file. The geolocation only works when you've enabled a map provider and added the required credentials and only if the geocoding component is not disabled. Remember that when geocoding, it will make use of your maps provider billing quota.

Which taxonomies are supported by the importer and exporter?

All taxonomies that are registered to the listings post type are automatically supported.

Does the listings importer & exporter support custom fields?

Yes, all custom fields created through Posterno are supported.