Creating packages & subscriptions

When creating a new package, you always need to setup 2 items. A WooCommerce product and a package. The WooCommerce product specifies the price and the type of package ( single or recurring ).

Create a WooCommerce listing package

Navigate to Products → Add new in your WP admin panel to start creating a WC product and select the type of package you wish to create. You must select "Listing package" or "Listing package subscription".

The subscription option is only available when using the WooCommerce subscriptions addon.

Once you've selected the product type, you can configure the price and any other settings that you might require. Click the "Publish" button once you're done editing the product.

The description that you set to the product will be displayed within the pricing tables on the submission form.

Create the package and connect the WooCommerce product

Now that you've created the WooCommerce product, you need to connect it to a listing package. 

Navigate to Listings → Packages → Add new. Give the package a name and assign the package the product you have just created into the "Assign product" setting.

From this window you can now configure all the other settings that belong to the package.

Setting up a recurring package

If you wish to setup a recurring package, you must first create a "Listing package subscription" product type. Once the subscription product has been created, you can create a new package like described above and select the subscription product and you now must enable the "This package is a subscription" setting.

Once you've enabled the option, you'll need to decide the subscription type. The "subscription type" setting will appear and you can choose between 2 options.

  1. Link the subscription to the package: this will reset the package usage count every time the subscription is renewed.
  2. Link the subscription to posted listings: this will renew listings that have been submitted through this package while keeping the package usage count unchanged.

When the subscription type is set to "Link the subscription to posted listings", listings will not have an expiry date. Instead they'll only expire when a subscription is expired.

Setting up packages limits

When creating a package, the "limits" tab contains all the settings related to listings submission. From here you can decide how many images members can submit through this package and how many tags and categories they can select. Additionally, packages may be reserved for specific listing types.