How search works

The Posterno search forms extension provides a wide range of facets ( elements like, checkboxes, dropdowns ) that are used to filter down your listings. The possibilities are limitless and your users will love the enhanced search experience.

The indexing process

The search forms extension uses a custom database table to store all the values of your facets. Everytime you add or remove a facet, you'll be required to update your index. The indexing process allows Posterno to record all the data related to your listings based on your facets.

The indexing process happens in the background in batches. This means that Posterno is capable of indexing all your listings even if you have hundreds of thousands of them. 

When the indexing process is taking place, you'll see a message at the top of each admin page notifying you that the indexing is still happening.Once the indexing is complete, the message will disappear.

The indexing process is only required when your facets change or when your listings are programmatically imported. When listings are manually created/edited/removed the index is automatically updated.