The proximity facet type

The proximity facet type allows your users to find listings near the specified location of their choice or by using geolocation to find listings near their position. 

This facet requires an SSL certificate to be installed on your website to use the geolocation functionality. Read more here

How it works

This facet type only accepts coordinates as data source.

After a location is selected, Posterno will query the Google's API using the location's latitude and longitude to grab the location's central point. Listings results are then displayed based on the radius set through the facet or set by the user using the option provided.

Please note that if you search for a country (example: Germany), the facet will return listings results extending from that country’s center, which may include results from other countries.

Geolocation accuracy

Please read the following article to understand how geolocation works and it's limits.

Notable options

Other data source: use this field if you have those some customizations and stored the longitude of the listing into a separate custom field.

Unit of measurement: you can select whether the radius search is in miles or kilometers.

Radius UI: Customize the layout of the radius selector. Range slider, dropdown or none.