Setting up payments for claims

When combined with the WooCommerce Paid listings extension you can charge users when submitting claims.

Charge specific package or let user select a package

In your admin panel, navigate to "Settings → Posterno → Listings → Claims" and from the "Charge to claim listings?" setting, select whether you wish to charge a specific package or let users select a custom package.

When charging is enabled, users will be required to make a payment before becoming the owner of the listing they are claiming. If the option "request payment only after the claim has been approved" is disabled, users will automatically be redirected to the WooCommerce checkout page when submitting the claim.

Request payment only after the claim has been reviewed

In situations where claims are rejected but the user has already paid, you may need to provide a refund. This inevitably increases the amount of time you spend reviewing claims. A better option is to request the payment only after you have confirmed that a claim is legit. 

When the "request payment only after the claim has been approved" is enabled, administrators can change the status of claims to "Pending payment", this automatically sends an email to the user that submitted the claim with a special link to complete the payment.

Only after the payment is complete, the claim will automatically be set to "approved" and the listing automatically assigned to the new user.