Reviewing claims as an administrator

As an administrator, under the "Listings" menu, a new "Claims" page will be available for you. From here you will have access to all claims submitted onto your site and you'll be able to change status/delete and review them.

From the above page you can also bulk manage claims by selecting them one by one or all of them with the checkboxes available on the left side of list table.

Review claims

To review the details of a claim, click the "View" button on the table. You'll be redirected to a page with all the details regarding that specific claim. From this page you can also update it's status or delete it. A link to any attachment that may have been uploaded will also be displayed into the list of details.

Changing the status of a claim

Each time you change the status of a claim, an email is automatically sent to the user that submitted it. Assuming that you've created the emails.

About the approved status:

When a claim is set to "approved", the listing's author is changed to the user that submitted the claim.

About the pending payment status:

When a claim is set to "pending payment", an email with a link to complete the payment is sent to the user. Claim status will automatically change to "approved" once the payment is completed.

Rejecting claims:

When you change the status of a claim to "rejected" a new area will appear allowing you to provide a reason for the rejection. These details can then be displayed into the email notification that is sent to the user.

Deleting claims:

When a claim with an attachment is deleted, the attachment is also deleted from your website.