Setting up claims emails

The claims listings addon introduces a few new email notifications.

  1. Claim has been received.
  2. Claim has been approved.
  3. Claim has been rejected.
  4. Claim is pending payment.

Each email can be created and configured through the emails customization panel.

A note about the pending payment:

This is the email that is sent to the user that made the claim only after an administrator has reviewed the claim and changed it's status to "pending payment".

New email merge tags

The claim extension introduces two new email tags.

The {rejection_reason} tag:

This tag displays the reason you have provided when you've rejected a claim. Useful if you wish to provide more information to the user.

The {claim_complete_payment_link} tag:

This tag displays the payment request link that allows the user to complete the payment and become the owner of a listing.