Registration moderation settings

To access the registration moderation settings, login into your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Settings → Accounts → Registration and locate the section "Registration moderation".

Moderation method

The "Registration moderation method" allows you to decide how you wish to moderate users that signup to your website. By default moderation is disabled. 

Email verification:

The email verification method sends a verification email to users after registration. Users have to click the verification link contained in the email in order to activate their account. 

Manual approval:

The manual approval method allows administrators of your website to moderate registrations one by one and approve users manually. 

Upon registration, the user receives a "pending approval" email, when the user is approved, he'll receive the registration confirmation email

When a user account is rejected, he'll receive a rejection email and his account is immediately deleted.

Manual approval for specific roles only:

Sometimes you may wish to moderate registrations only for specific roles. This is particularly useful if you wish to restrict access to the listing submission form to certain roles only. Once this method is enabled, a new setting will appear letting you select the roles that you wish to manually moderate.

All roles that aren't manually moderated, will receive the verification request email. While moderated users will receive the emails in the same way specified above for the "manual approval" method.

Login restriction:

Only users with an active account will be able to login. Users with a pending approval or pending verification account will be presented with an error message.

Domains whitelist and blacklist:

Sometimes you may wish to restrict which email addresses can be used to register an account on your website. If this is the case, you can use the whitelist of blacklist functionality.


When using the whitelist option, you'll be able to restrict registrations to certain domains only. In order to do so, once enabled, a new setting will appear allowing you to enter the list of domains you wish to allow. Users that use domains outside of the ones in your list, will not be able to create an account on the website.


When using the blacklist option, you'll be able to exclude certain domains to be used during registration. Once enabled, a new setting will appear allowing you to enter the list of domains you wish to reject.

Automatically delete unverified accounts:

In order to keep your users database clean, the registration moderation extension provides the ability to automatically delete all accounts that have not been verified after 30 days from their registration date. This is done automatically for your in the background. Simply enable the option to allow the cron job to do the work.