Registration moderation emails

The registration moderation extension brings new types of emails that your website powered by Posterno can trigger.

Account is pending email verification:

This email is sent to users when user's moderation is enabled. 

This email will contain a link that your users will need to click and visit in order to activate their account. In order to display the verification link, a new email tag has been added. 

Add the {account_verification_link} email tag into the content of your email to display the verification link.

Account is pending manual verification:

This email notification is sent to users when the "manual approval" and "manual approval for specific roles only" moderation methods are enabled. 

When "manual approval for specific roles only" is enabled, users that have a role outside of the selected ones, will receive the "account is pending email verification" email mentioned above.

Account has been rejected:

This email is sent when users are manually rejected by an administrator. It is also possible to provide a reason when an account is rejected. To display the rejection reason within the message of the email, use the new {register_rejection_reason} email tag.

The registration confirmation email:

When moderation is enabled, the "registration confirmation email" that comes by default with Posterno, will no longer trigger when a new user registers an account. This email will now automatically trigger only after an account is either manually approved or verified.