How to add Facebook login and registration to WordPress

To add Facebook login and registration to your listings directory, you need a Facebook account. Go to and login with your account. You might be required to register to the Facebook Developers platform too.

Once you've logged in, go to your apps and click on the "Add new app" button to create a new Facebook app, enter the name of the app and then click "Create app ID".

Once you've created the app, you'll be required to select the products to associated to your App. Locate the "Facebook login" product and click on the "Set up" button.

You'll now be asked to select a platform. Select the option "web". You'll then be required to add the url of your website. Add your website url into the "Tell us what the URL of your site is." field. Then press next on all the other sections and skip them.

After you're finished setting up the app, click on "Settings" under the Facebook login app on your sidebar. Make sure the following settings are enabled:

  • Client OAuth Login 
  • Web OAuth Login

Locate the "Valid OAuth redirect URIs" setting and add your site url followed by ?pno_social=1&provider=facebook.

Click on "Settings → Basic" and take note of the "App ID" number and "App Secret" key.

Login into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Settings → Posterno → Accounts → Social login, locate the settings called Facebook Client ID (APP ID) and Facebook Secret and copy the APP ID and App Secrete from Facebook.

Make sure you publish your Facebook APP.