Gutenberg listings query block

The "Listings" block provides the ability to query and display all listings from your database and filter them down with taxonomies. Example: you can use the block to create a page with listings with the type of "Event" from the location "New York". 

Listings can be filtered by all the taxonomies that are available for the listings post type in your WordPress admin panel. By default, this includes, listings types, categories, locations and tags.


While editing the content of a page or post, locate the blocks category "Posterno" and you'll find the "listings" block.

Once the block has been added to the page, it will automatically load the newest listings available from your database. By clicking the block, you'll have access to the customization settings provided into the sidebar.

Filtering by listings author

In some cases you might want to query listings created by a specific author. To do so, edit the block and locate the "Query listings by specific author" setting. You will see a text input. Search users by either username or email address and you'll be presented with a list of users if any has been found. Once a user has been found, click on the user's name, to adjust the query.

When a user has been set, you'll see a button from which you can unset the user and it also highlights the ID number of the user currently set for the query.

Filtering by taxonomy terms

To filter by taxonomy, first enable the taxonomies that you wish to use, once enabled, all the terms from your database will be loaded and can be searched through the autocomplete text field that is generated.

To remove one or more terms, simply click on the "X" icon next to each previously selected term.