Setting up reviews for listings

To access the reviews settings, login into your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Settings → Posterno → Reviews. Here you have access to a range of powerful options that allow you to configure the reviews for your listings.

Contributions type

The reviews addon provides the ability to have both reviews and regular comments. Similar to what Amazon does where they have a QA section and reviews. Use the Contribution type setting to decide whether you wish to enable both types of contributions or just one.


Reviews support attachments when enabled. To enable attachments, locate and enable the option " Allow attachments". Once enabled, two additional settings will be displayed from where you can select the maximum amount of attachments users can upload for a review and the maximum file size for each attachment.
Uploaded attachments will display within reviews submitted by users.

Word counts restrictions

You may also setup the minimum required words and maximum allowed words for each review's content. Locate the "Minimum word count" and "Maximum word count" settings and enter a number to setup the limits.