Reviews attributes and labels

The reviews addon allows you to add custom ratings attributes and labels. They can also be associated to specific listing categories so that you can customize them for each different listing type (restaurants, hotels, vehicles, etc.).


Attributes allow you to generate a dropdown field with as many options as you want. These dropdowns are then displayed within the review submission form. Attributes are useful so you can prompt members for specific information and feedback.


Labels allow you to generate custom star rating fields that are displayed within the review submission form. As an example, imagine your website has restaurants listings. You can use labels so that your members can rate different aspects of their experience like staff friendliness, food quality, restroom cleanliness and anything that you can think of.

Each label can have as many stars as you want. 

Sync attributes and labels with your listings

Each time you add, edit or remove a rating attribute or label, you'll be required to sync them with your listings. Syncing is required so that your listings pages load fast without firing unnecessary queries. Each time a sync is required, a notice will appear within the attributes and labels page. 

When you add a new rating attribute or label, you won't immediately see the sync notice because WordPress uses ajax to update the page with the newly added information on this page only. You'll see the notice if you reload the page.

To start the sync process, press the "Start sync" button. A message will be displayed while the process is taking place and disappear once the process is finished.