Listings query widget

The listings query widget provides you the ability to query listings from your database in any way you want. It's very similar to the "Listings query" block.

Filter by taxonomy

The widget allows you to filter by all taxonomies registered for the "listings" post type. By default the types, categories, locations and tags will appear. 

If a developer registers a custom taxonomy, it'll be automatically available within the widget for filtering.

Limiting the query to specific listings

The setting "limit query to specific listings", once enabled, displays a new text box where you can enter the ID numbers of the listings you wish to display. To display more than one listing, create a comma separated list of IDs. Example:

10, 265, 493

[Advanced] Query ID

The query ID setting allows you to set a custom string that can then be used by developers to programmatically change the arguments used to query listings through the WP_Query class. This specific parameter is useful so that you can easily identify which query needs to be filtered.

Usage of the filter can be found in the source code of the extension here

[Elementor Pro] Use current query

The "use current query" option must be enabled only when using the widget through the listings archive theme builder editor. This is required so that the archive page will display the correct listings that belong to the terms being viewed.

Layout settings

Clicking on the Layout section will display layout related settings. By default only one setting is displayed with the "List" and "Grid" options.

Please note: themes and plugins may be able to modify the list of available layouts.