[Elementor Pro] Dashboard pages sections customization

Note: the following functionalities are only available when using Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro comes with a theme builder that allows you to design your entire site in a visual way. Together with the Posterno elementor integration you now have access to new customization capabilities. One of them is the ability to customize the content of the frontend dashboard sections.

You can add custom content at the top and at the bottom of each section of the dashboard page.

To add custom content, navigate to Templates → Theme builder and press the "add new" button. From the popup, select "Section" and then select which dashboard page you wish to customize.

You'll then be taken to the visual editor powered by Elementor where you can start adding your custom content.

Note: you will not see the dashboard page itself within the visual editor. 

After you're finished creating your custom content, click the "publish" button within elementor and add the condition "Entire site" like displayed in the screenshot below:

You should now be able to see your custom content within the dashboard page section that you have selected.

Please note that the dashboard page may look different depending on the theme you're using.