[Elementor Pro] Custom single listing page

Note: the following functionalities are only available when using Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro comes with a theme builder that allows you to design your entire site in a visual way. Together with the Posterno elementor integration you now have access to new customization capabilities. One of them is the ability to customize the single listing page.

The single listing page is the page responsible of displaying the info related to each single listing. Example: https://demo.posterno.com/listing/heathcote-llc/

Wth Elementor Pro and our extension, you can now customize the layout of those pages with no custom coding required. Furthermore you have the option to create a layout that can be assigned to to listings that belong to specific type only and even depending on any other taxonomy term the listing might belong to.

To create a custom layout, navigate to Templates → Theme Builder → Add new and select the option "Single listing"

You will then be redirected to the editor.

Default post details

When creating a layout for a post type, Elementor provides a set of widgets that can display information related to the post ( in this case a listing ) that are available all post types in WordPress.

Single listing's layout widgets

When creating a "single listing page" layout you will have access to a new set of widgets that display information related to the listing.

Dynamic tags

When creating a "single listing page" layout you'll have access to all the new dynamic tags that our extension provides for Elementor. Please refer to the documentation here


Publishing your layout

Once you're done editing your layout, you'll be presented with a window where you need to select which conditions to apply to the layout. These conditions allow you to control when the custom layout should be displayed.

You may choose to apply the layout to all listings or apply it to listings that belong to specific taxonomy terms only. This is particularly useful especially if you have multiple listing types and may wish to display different layouts.