Elements visibility control

In some cases you may wish to display widgets only in specific conditions. Example: if the user is logged in, or if the user is logged out.

The Elementor extension for Posterno comes with a new set of options that allow you to control the visibility of all widgets powered by Elementor.

To access the visibility controls, click on the "Advanced" tag of any widget and then click on the "Visibility control" section.

Click on "Visible when" and "Hidden when" to select one or more conditions that should apply to the widget.

List of available conditions:

  • User is logged in
  • User is logged out
  • User has submitted listings
  • User is owner of listing ( current user is the owner of the listing )
  • Listing is featured
  • Listing is expired
  • Listing is of type ( use the "Listing types" option to select listing types that should apply to this condition ).
  • Listing has featured image
  • Listing is claimed
  • User has bookmarked listing
  • User has reviewed listing
  • Listing has reviews

Some conditions may not be available if you do not have the related addon installed.

Note: conditions will not trigger when within the Elementor editor. Conditions will only trigger when viewing the real page.