Setting up reports email notifications

The reports tool extension brings in a new set of email notifications that can be configured for your listings directory.

The following new notifications are available:

New listing report submitted

This is the email that is sent to the site's administrator when a new report is submitted.

Notify listing author of report

This is the email that is sent to the listing's author when contacting him through the management panel.

Check the email's editor documentation for more information on how to setup emails.

Email tags

The extension also adds new email tags that can be used to customize your emails.

  • {reported_reason} : this dynamic tag displays the reason for which the listing has been reported. It's one of the criterias you have previously set up.
  • {report_admin_link} : this dynamic tag displays a direct link to the admin panel from where an administrator can review and manage the report. This is usually used within the new "New listing report submitted" email.
  • {report_admin_message} : this dynamic tag displays the message that the administrator sends to the listing's author through the management panel.