Managing listings reports

All listings reports submitted are stored into your database and can be managed and reviewed through your admin panel. To access the management page, login into your admin panel and navigate to Listings → Reports

Review a report

To review all the details of a report, including the additional details that the user has submitted, click on the name of the listing. You'll be redirected to a new page with all the details and actions for that report.

On this page after you've reviewed the report, you can take the necessary actions if needed. 

You can delete or unpublish the listing if needed, or simply mark the report as processed if no action is necessary.

If you've processed a report you may also delete it if no longer needed.

Contacting the author of the listing

In some cases you might need to get in touch with the author of a listing. To send a message to the author you can use the " Contact listing author" area. 

Enter your custom message in the editor displayed and then press the "Send email" button.

Note: you must configure the "Notify listing author of report" email and add the {report_admin_message} tag to the content of the notification.

Searching for reports

The management table contains a search box on the right side of the screen. You can search for reports by using the following data:

  • Title of a listing
  • ID number of a listing
  • email address of the user that submitted a report