Setting up local analytics

In your WordPress admin panel, navigate to Settings → Posterno → Listings → Analytics to access all the settings related to the Local analytics addon.

Exclude specific roles from being tracked

Use this setting to select which users visits and page views should be excluded from being tracked. You can select one or more roles.

Use a cookie for tracking

A cookie is used to make a distinction between new visitors and recurring visitors. If for some reason you wish to remove the usage of this type of cookie, feel free to disable the setting "Use cookie to determine unique visitors and pageviews?".

Without the use of a cookie, returning visitors cannot be reliably detected.

Automatically cleanup your stats database table

Statistics are tracked and stored into a separate database table. The extension provides the ability to automatically delete statistics that are no longer needed after a set period.
Locate the option "Automatically delete data older than how many months?" and enter after how many months statistics should be deleted. If enabled, Posterno will then automatically cleanup your database periodically.

Example: by entering the number 1 like in the image above, Posterno will delete statistics that are older than a month.

Display statistics into the frontend dashboard

Statistics tracked by the addon can be displayed on the frontend user's dashboard. Locate the setting "Dashboard statistics to display" and select which stats should be displayed.

Please note: themes and plugins may change the amount of options displayed for this setting.