How to create food menus

On the frontend

Navigate to the frontend dashboard page and then click on "Manage listings". Click on the "Actions" button then click on "Restaurant menu".

Please note: themes and plugins may change the look of the table and buttons.

You'll be redirected to a new page from where listings owners can create menus for their listings.

Listings owners, first need to create menus once the menus have been defined they can press the "Save menus" button.

Once menus have been created, owners can add items to their menus through the tabbed interface. Listings owners can add as many items as they want.

Each menu item is made of a name, price and description.

Menus will then appear on the frontend single listing page.

Please note: themes and plugins can change the look of the menu.

On the admin panel

When editing listings from the admin panel, administrators can setup menus too. Click on the "additional settings" tab to locate the restaurant menu field.